Saturday, 21 December 2013

Fishermen in the Houses of Parliament

Generations, Hastings' Fishing Families will be exhibited in the Upper Waiting Hall in the Houses of Parliament at the end of January.
Last spring, we submitted an application through our local MP, Amber Rudd, to have the Generations photographs (see previous Blogs) exhibited in the Houses of Parliament Waiting Hall. There is normally a huge queue of applications for showing work in this prestigious location. Needless to say, we are over the moon with this is very exciting news.
The exhibition, which opens January 27th, will be a very powerful opportunity to promote the cause of the Hastings fishing community, as well as publicising the work of FLAG (Fisheries Local Action Group). From the success of this exhibition, I hope to continue the project throughout the UK, as well as similar fishing communities in Europe.

Thursday, 12 December 2013


Somehow, we all thought Nelson Mandela would live forever. His passing was like the death of a beloved grandfather, who you know will die soon, but in your heart you’re never really quite prepared for the pain, disbelief and sadness when it happens.
I was especially moved by Barack Obama’s eloquent and moving testimonials to this great man.
"It was precisely because he could admit to imperfection, because he was so full of good humor, even mischief despite the heavy burdens that he carried, that we loved him so," Obama said.
"He was not a bust made of marble, he was a man of flesh and blood, a son and a husband, a father and a friend, that is why we have learned so much from him and that is why we can learn from him still.”
I photographed Nelson Mandela in London shortly after he was elected President and came to Europe to encourage trade with the new South Africa. He had recently recovered from a bout of illness, but you never would have known it during the press conference, as he sparkled with charm and wit, and his deep felt passion for his beloved country. He was the epitome of charisma and I felt very privileged to have been that close to such a great man.

And it is to Nelson Mandela that I owe a very personal thanks and gratitude. Because of the photograph I took at the Happy 70th Birthday/Free Nelson Mandela concert at Wembley Stadium in 1988, I became involved in one of the most exciting and fulfilling photography projects I’ve ever worked on,  ‘Wembley to Soweto’
Thank you Madiba!