Monday, 6 May 2013

The Art of Opportunities

Last Saturday morning I was listening to Radio 4's Saturday Live. Well, sort of half listening as one does, while making tea and trying to wake up.
But when I heard the name Evelyn Glennie mentioned, I really did wake up and listen.
An amazing musician, an amazing person, by all accounts.
She is one of the world's leading solo percussionists, (if not THE only full-time solo percussionist) which is especially remarkable as she is almost totally deaf. She experiences sound as a kind of touching or vibration.
She talked about the huge challenges she has faced in her musical career and  said,
"I've learned how to develop the art of creating your own opportunities"
A thought worth holding onto when it feels like the creative juices just aren't flowing.
Several years ago I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to photography Evelyn Glennie. Her intense concentration, dedication and passion to her music was -- and I'm sure still is -- inspirational.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Very First Blog

Dear Friends
Welcome to my very first Blog.

While researching the Fine Art of Blogging, I came across the words of the legendary photographer Jay Maisel, the original master of Kodachrome and a constant inspiration throughout my photography career. Jay Maisel
He says,  "I love the idea of writing a blog, but horrified at the thought of doing it (or anything else) on a regular, formal basis. So this blog will be informal, irregular, informative and of course profane."
Informal and profane... I like that. Thank You Jay Maisel!

I've recently been updating an on-going project on the Hastings fishing community. It's something I began back in 1992, while still living in London. Now we live here and it felt appropriate to continue the project, this time emphasising the families that are involved in commercial fishing here in Hastings. The fathers and sons, brothers, cousins, nephews, in-laws and assorted relations that all work together, trying to survive in a very difficult industry.
There is a possibility that these images will be shown in the House of Commons Upper Waiting Hall. Please stay tuned.